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3659 Nasa Rd , Seabrook, TX 77586
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local shrimp in a nola bbq butter sauce with peas, mushrooms, and micro basil


double cooked wings tossed in a sweet smokey chili texas honey sauce served w/ a homemade liege waffle.


oxtails braised in creole spices, curry, and coconut milk until fork tender served w/ sweet cornbread and two of our delicious sides.


this is our chance to freestyle on some delicious flavors for our wonderful guests. check the website or instagram in the morning to see what we’ve got cooking for the day.

First of all I would like to say thank you so much for your interest in our little cafe! We’ve had set back after set back trying to get open but were here now! Thank you so much to the city of Nassau Bay and the surrounding areas for all of your support and kind words throughout this process.

There was one reason and one reason only that I decided to leave my career as an offshore chef to start this cafe and that was FLAVOR!!! I’d had enough of cooking just for the money. I’m from Lake Charles, LA and attended culinary school in New Orleans, LA also I have family in Opelousas, LA and Dequincy, LA. Having ties to so many wonderful places to enjoy amazing food and hospitality I wanted to bring that small town feel to our awesome city of Houston. I’m excited to say that we are finally open for service. I’m just a chef who loves amazing food simple or gourmet, I just like to see my guest happy, so please come to the kitchen and see how we do things if you want I really want your honest feed back as our guest.

Most of our side dishes or vegetarian, we dont use pork in our greens or beans. We dont have a big fryer just a cast iron dutch oven being that we dont want to fry to much so that you the guest can have more healthy options.

In closing, Houston is a big place we want to be a little delicious oasis for you to come and enjoy great hospitality and great food! We look forward to seeing you really soon!

Thank you,

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