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62nd Annual Christmas Boat Parade 2023

Sparkling Waters and Festive Sails: The 62nd Annual Christmas Boat Parade in Bay Area Houston

Get ready to embark on a sparkling journey through the illuminated waters! 🎄✨ This December 9th, from 6 PM to 9 PM, join the jubilant celebrations at the 62nd Anniversary Christmas Boat Lane Parade, a spectacular event presented by the Cities of Clear Lake Shores, Kemah, Webster, Nassau Bay, and Seabrook. Hosted by the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, this holiday tradition promises a joyous kickoff to the festive season!

🛥️ Magical Parade Route:

Over 60 dazzlingly adorned power and sailboats will traverse the Clear Lake channel, bedecked in radiant holiday lights and festive decorations. Picture a luminous procession sailing from the South Shore Harbour Marina and the Nassau Bay Lagoon, painting the waters en route to Galveston Bay. 🚤🎅

🎉 A Celebration for All:

Join over 100,000 excited spectators to witness this incredible parade, with enthusiasts gathered on land and aboard hundreds of boats lining the lake. The air will be filled with cheer, and the waters will be shimmering with the glow of the holiday spirit! 🌟

📍 Best Spots to Watch the Boat Parade:

Discover prime viewing locations to witness this dazzling display! Such as the South Shore Harbour Resort Marina in League City which will be alight with fireworks, providing a breathtaking backdrop to the spectacle. For an up-close view, head to the Kemah Boardwalk in Kemah or Cabo Bar & Grill in Seabrook to grab a drink while enjoying the parade. Alternatively, embrace the festivities at Howard L. Park in Nassau Bay or the Clear Lake Shores Deep Hole Park & Sundial Park.

Other Spots include Kemah Boardwalk, Both Sides of Kemah/Seabrook Channel, Nassau Bay Lagoon, South Shore Harbour Marina, Clear Lake Shores, and Davis Road Canal/Constellation Pointe.

This is a phenomenal annual event, so be safe and responsible, and have some holiday cheer and patience. Make sure to give yourself some extra time to get a great view of the parade and navigate the enthusiasm of all its attendees.