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We know that everyone vacations differently, so why on earth would we expect travelers to eat alike? In Bay Area Houston, we’ve got an ocean of flavors and options for every type of hungry vacationer, from the cuisine queens to masters of the grab and go. So, no matter if you fancy the finer things or live for the laid back, keep reading. We’ve got your vacation dining styles and solutions to quell rumbly tummies just ahead. 

Get up and Go

If your trip to Bay Area Houston includes a jam-packed weekend full of fun and adventure, you might be a Get Up and Go Diner, ready for fast eats and caffeinated treats. But speedy service won’t stop you and yours from enjoying amazing dishes along the way. Stop by these local favorites for your caffeine fix, first meal of the day, or a speedy stop that will fuel you for the next activity.

Rise & Shine

  • Java Owl

    Java Owl

    This well-designed coffee shop has all the coffee aficionado favorites, as well as some yummy new options for the adventurous. Can anyone say sweet lavender latte?

  • SeabrookWaffle

    Seabrook Waffle Company

    The famous Seabrook Waffle Company elevates the humble waffle to a cuisine all its own. From the savory eggs benedict waffle to the Nutella-drizzled Doe Eyed Waffle, there’s something for every palate!

  • Rustika

    Rustika Café and Bakery

    Known for their jaw-dropping cakes, pastries and other baked goodies, there’s a good chance you’ll be taking advantage of Rustika’s delivery services after you enjoy a fantastic breakfast or lunch at this popular cafe.

Quick and Tasty

  • Yummy burger and tots in Bay Area Houston

    Luka’s BBQ

    You can’t vacation in Texas without exploring the local BBQ scene. The best part? Barbecue is a natural grab-and-go food, making it a perfect option on your way to your next Bay Area adventure.

  • 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza

    1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria

    If your pizza isn’t cooked in a scorching hot brick oven, it might as well be microwaved. Grab a few pies, a scoop or two of gelato, and call it a good day.

  • Pies Fries and Sandwich Guys

    Pies, Fries & Sandwich Guys

    Save the money on a flight to St. Louis and dig into a St. Louis style pizza. Try every specialty fry under the sky or select from their extensive sandwich lineup.

Trendy Taster

These spots are generating buzz and Instagram likes, and if you’re a Trendy Taster, you’re ready to see and BE seen. These hip eateries have made waves on the Food Network and beyond, and our selection of sizzling hot nightlife options will stretch your vacation fun late into the night.

As Seen On TV

  • Eculent


    Eculent bends what a restaurant can be using modern molecular gastronomy techniques to turn dishes into magical, awe-inspiring experiences that would make Willy Wonka jealous! Words alone cannot describe what you’ll taste at Eculent — you’ll just have to try for yourself.

  • Bakkhus Taverna

    Bakkhus Taverna

    You can’t visit the Gulf without diving into a pile of crawdad boil. But would you ever consider blending Greek and Cajun cuisine? Bakkhus Taverna did, and the results are mouthwatering. Just one bite and you’ll see why this has become a local favorite.

  • Tookies

    Tookies Seafood

    Plates and plates of the beautiful oysters. Need we go on? Mesquite grilled fresh seafood, and the most perfectly prepared Gulf Shrimp imaginable. If you’re a seafood lover…you’re a Tookies Seafood lover in-waiting.

Nuts for Nightlife

  • Cabo Clear Lake

    Cabo Clear Lake

    Looking for laid back vibes with lakeside views? Cabo Clear Lake Sports Bar has got you covered, with an extensive food and drink menu to keep you full, and a DJ to keep the party going late into the night.

  • BARge 295

    BARge 295

    Texas’ one-and-only floating bar — need we say more? Whether you’re pulling up in a boat, kayak, or car, you’ll be right at home at BARge 295. Enjoy the view and the delicious menu. Sea legs not required.

  • Burger at Skallywags

    Skallywag’s Suds N’ Grub

    Whether you’re a self-proclaimed beer lover or just a general skallywag, you’ll find something to tempt you here. Featuring more than 40 beers on tap (and more brands in bottles!) you’ll find live music, scrumptious pub grub, and (almost) guaranteed good times.

Posh Palette

If you prefer the finer things in life, you just might have a Posh Palate. So no matter if you’re celebrating a special occasion or are just looking for a perfectly prepared dish, try these local and visitor favorites where luxury reigns supreme.

Fine Dining

  • Opus Bistro

    Opus Bistro

    Crab cakes sitting atop remoulade sauce, a perfect prime filet, shrimp and scallop Victoria pasta, and the silhouette of a bottle of white wine chilling in front of docked boats…Opus Bistro is why you vacation in the Bay!

  • Merlion


    The Bay is proud of its eclectic blend of international cuisines, and Merlion represents some of the very best Thai food around. Taste it for yourself and enjoy some of the best flavors available on this side of the Pacific.

  • Sundance Grill II

    Sundance Grill II

    Nestled in the Waterford Harbor Marina, accessible by car or boat, sits Sundance Grill II. There’s something unquestionably comfortable and classy about this lovely lunch and dinner spot. Enjoy a delicious meal and watch the sun melt into a picturesque Bay Area sunset.

International Adventure

If food came with a passport stamp, yours would be full! International Adventurers make a point to try food from every corner of the globe and are bound to fall in love with the Bay’s treasure map of options. What country will you be eating in today?

  • Mediterraneo Market and Cafe

    Mediterraneo Market & Cafe

    In search of a mouthwatering gyro or a serving of delicately flakey but oh-so-gooey baklava? Look no further than Mediterraneo! Just don’t look past the herb crusted salmon.

  • Nam Thai

    Nam Thai

    While their menu is filled with delicious and adventurous Thai options, it’s the drink menu that will impress. Escape to your own little South Pacific beach getaway with an eclectic assortment of fruity martinis and Thai teas that will pair perfectly with your favorite Thai dish.

  • Viola and Agnes Neo Soul Cafe

    Viola & Agnes’ Neo Soul Cafe

    You may think you know Cajun cuisine, but you’ve never experienced anything like Viola & Agnes’. This place serves up the real deal — the curried oxtail will transport you to a whole different world!

  • Pomodoro

    Pomodoro’s Cucina Italiana

    Sometimes you need to take a break from your adventuring and tuck into a soul-warming plate of perfectly prepared pasta. Relax and sink into your favorite Italian dishes and a few surprises along the way at Pomodoro’s.

  • Esteban's Cafe and Cantina

    Esteban’s Cafe and Cantina

    It wouldn’t be Texas without a chilled margarita on the rocks and a plate of chips. Wrap up your day full of exploration right and order up a plate of tacos, a skillet of nachos, or a chili cheese enchilada.

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