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Axe Masters

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Axe Throwing is not just for burly lumberjack guys dressed in plaid with beards, while we do like those type of guys, it is a sport for everyone.  Men, Women, Kids of all ages have enjoyed the sport. As young as 5 years old, and as old at 101 years old have thrown at Axe Masters Texas.

So, what makes it so fun? From the moment you walk into our facility you will be welcomed with warmth and a smile. You will first feel like you have been transported back in time to an 800AD Viking Great Hall. There are games for you to play from the moment you enter.

Our staff will get you checked in, check to see if you coach is ready, and then bring you to your party area. You coach will go over a couple of rules and teach you how to properly throw and Axe/Star.

Do not worry, we have several types of Axes to throw, we insure everyone will take part no matter what athletic ability they have.

Our proven process will also ensure your group will have the best time with competitive games and competitions.

And at the end of your party, you can dress up like a real Viking and take LOTS of videos and pictures.


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