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Jimmy Changas

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Myself and 11 other brothers and sisters all lived happily in a red barrel. I was the most popular monkey in the jungle and made friends where ever I traveled. Me and my siblings hung around all day, eating bananas and swinging through the jungle – life was great! But I really longed for a meal of more than just bananas. One filled with spice, intoxicating aromas and flavor.

So one day, I decided to leave my brothers and sisters and head for the land of opportunity — the USA! — and pursue my dream of learning all that food had to offer. I discovered exactly what I hoped to find…pepper, chili powder and garlic, more fruits and vegetables than I could count. I ended up in Texas where I met a burro named Pedro who introduced me to the world of Mexican cuisine. Enchiladas? Tostadas? Tacos? I was in monkey heaven!

So into the kitchen I went…mixing Mexican with Texas flare and the rest is history!

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