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Lake Longhorn

Detailed Information

Welcome to Lake Longhorn “The Multisport Training Lake of Houston”. Lake Longhorn serves the Houston area and the entire Texas Gulf Coast. If you enjoy scuba diving, triathlon training, open water swimming, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, or anything else needing a large body of water then Lake Longhorn is the multisport lake for you. Lake Longhorn is a 49-acre freshwater lake and has 20 acres of green space dedicated to serving the lake in League City, Texas for your enjoyment. We offer recreational scuba diving, scuba diving training, triathlon swimming, triathlon swim training, (SUP) Stand up paddle boarding and kayaking in the Houston and Texas Bay Area. Lake Longhorn is striving to become the best scuba diving training lake in Houston dive site and open water training lake in the Houston area and Texas Gulf Coast.

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