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Celebration Seabrook at Meador Park

Join us at the Celebration Seabrook on October 12, 2024!

This lively event is your perfect chance to embrace coastal living and show your love for the bay. Located at the beautiful Meador Park in Seabrook, guests can enjoy a day of music, wine, craft beer, gourmet food, art, and much more.

This festival showcases all things we love about the Gulf coast lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the island vibe as you sway to the tunes of live music performed by local artists. Foodies would marvel at the chance to learn our seafood cooking secrets through interactive demonstrations with culinary masters from the Gulf coast.

Experience a wine aficionado’s dream as you explore and sip on a selection of fine wines or delight in the taste of various craft beers. Don’t miss out on the gourmet food trucks serving up their delectable offerings.

The event isn’t just about the adults, we’ve ensured there’s entertainment for the entire family. And don’t forget our furry friends – pets are more than welcome too!

Head out for an unforgettable day at the bay with fun, food, and frolic making it a perfect merriment for families and friends alike.

Location: Meador Park, Seabrook

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