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Enjoy Sensory Friendly Events at Space Center Houston

Embrace the wonder of science and space exploration in a comfortable and welcoming environment at Space Center Houston’s Sensory Friendly Events! Perfect for individuals of all ages experiencing conditions such as autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder, these exclusive events host an array of unique, fun, and educational activities without the distractions of large crowds.

In this specially designed setting, guests will be able to enjoy modified lighting, music and sound effects that cater to sensory sensitivities. A team of trained instructors will be on hand to operate and manage special educational activities that are geared towards providing an engaging experience for guests with sensory sensitivities.

Additionally, for moments when a bit more calm is needed, Space Center Houston will offer a designated quiet room for guests. Enjoy Space Center Houston without the usual hustle and bustle, and immerse yourself in an environment that’s been crafted for more sensory-friendly exploration!

Location: Space Center Houston, Nassau Bay, 9/28/2024

For more information, please visit Space Center Houston Sensory Friendly Event: page.


Sep 28, 2024

08:00 am - 10:00 am

Event Categories
Community Event, Family Event

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