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Restaurant Concept: Immersive multi-sensorial dining experience

Conceived and designed by David Christopher Skinner, eculent is a first of its kind restaurant designed to immerse the customer in a transformative environment using multi-sensorial technologies to enhance the dining experience. The restaurant environment changes around the specific course being presented – lighting color and intensity change, ambient scents triggering prior memories, artworks morph to emphasize the moment, while the soundtrack harmonizes all the senses delivering a meal unlike any other.

Cuisine: Modern Farm-to-Table
At eculent the food always comes first. Our seasonal menus are focused on local, organic, and responsibly procured vegetables, greens, and proteins. We ensure the quality of our ingredients by personally inspecting our purveyor’s farms and ranches and by working closely with them to develop long-term supply commitments for the finest ingredients. Using our own certification process and lab:eculent’s proprietary database of over 1,000 ingredients we create courses that are layered with flavor, texture, and intrigue.
We grow all our herbs and greens on site to control and ensure proper growing protocols as well as just picked freshness. We experiment with different growing methods to find the right balance of production and taste for our menus. Currently we are utilizing traditional raised bed gardens, aeroponic tower gardens, and an aquatic garden for unique plants like water celery. For vegetables and greens that don’t grow on site we have developed relationships with local farmers to supply key ingredients like free-range eggs, goats milk, and vegetables.
Our South Texas location and moderate climate allows us to forage for wild and unusual ingredients year round. These wild ingredients bring more pronounced and unusual flavors to our menu and the overall experience. Our relationships with land owners across the State of Texas allow us to forage for a wide range of unique ingredients like indigo mushrooms, prickly pears, and various pollens and grasses.
Menu: 3 distinct menus of 9 courses each
The Vegetarian/Gluten Free menu utilizes ingredients sourced mostly from within 25 miles of the restaurant, much of it grown on site in our aeroponic, raised bed, and aquatic gardens.
The “1845” menu is a tribute to Texas and all that it has to offer. The majority of ingredients are sourced within 250 miles and feature selected purveyors like 44 Farms beef from Cameron. With true Texas flair and flavor this menu includes wild game, fowl, beef and Gulf seafood.
The Coast-to-Coast menu is our most inventive. Sourcing ingredients from 2,500 miles away this menu includes New Mexico ostrich egg with Maine lobster foam and Oregon white truffle. Exotic ingredients and daring preparations are the norm with this menu.
Wine Pairing: 

Eculent benefits from being part of Clear Creek Vineyard and its award-winning locally produced wines. The wine pairing for each course is carefully selected and often custom blended for a specific flavor profile.

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